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        Nasamat Return & Exchange Policies

According to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce Law - Chapter Six - Controls for Replacing the Goods and Returning It

Article (24)

It works on organizing the exchange and return of goods and merchandise with the following rules:

1. The consumer has the right to replace or refund the goods and recover their paid value within a period of fourteen days from the date of purchase unless it includes the condition of the guarantee declared by the merchant or the custom to spend more time.

2. Goods or merchandise must be returned in cases where a defect or defect was discovered, even if it could be repaired or if it did not conform to the standard specifications approved within the State of Kuwait.

3. In the event that the commodity or merchandise cannot be replaced, it must be returned and the seller must refund it according to the value stated in the sales invoices in the same manner used when buying or in any other way acceptable to the consumer.


4. The consumer’s right to exercise the right of restitution or replacement does not waive when the conditions mentioned in these regulations are met even if the goods or merchandise were purchased during the commercial offers (downloads) licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, in which case the price of the value of the commodity mentioned in the sales invoices shall be considered. In the same way that was used when buying.

5. If it turns out that the commodity or merchandise subject to a refund or replacement is adulterated, imitated or inconsistent with the mandatory standard specifications approved in the State of Kuwait, the consumer has the right to recover its value from the seller in cash without prejudice to his right to take the legal measures established in this regard, according to the circumstances, against the violating seller.

6. If the reason for the replacement is related to the measurements, the buyer must exercise the right of replacement or refund within a period not exceeding five days. In the absence of an alternative size, the consumer has the right to directly return and recover the value of the item, provided that the measurement option is established in the purchase invoice.

7. If it is found that the commodity or merchandise is in contradiction to what was agreed upon, the consumer is entitled to return it and recover its value.

8. Shop owners are obligated to:

a. Putting an apparent declaration, whatever its article, explaining the conditions and mechanism of implementing this decision, in a prominent place in the store or the store.

B. It is prohibited to put the phrase (goods sold are not returned or replaced) in any language, method or any similar phrase.

T. It is forbidden to compel the buyer of goods, merchandise, or any other materials, at any material cost in exchange for replacement or refund for any reason or under any name when the conditions for replacement or response are provided in these regulations.

It is not permissible in any way to replace the refund of the price of the commodity upon verification of the obligation to return it with forward purchase coupons.

Article (25)

The consumer may not directly exercise the right of the option to return or exchange in the following cases:

1. If the consumer is aware of the defect or defect in the commodity when purchasing it and before it is in its condition, and this is proven in the purchase invoice.

2. If the commodity or goods transforms its nature, characteristics, method of packing or packaging without replacing it or returning it as it is damaged or it is impossible to return it to the state it was in when purchasing in a manner that refuses to resell it unless the reason for the return and replacement is due to manufacturing defects or violations Mandatory standard specifications, or the goods or goods are in contradiction to what was agreed upon as a result of fraud in the specifications and components.

3. The perishable consumer goods are excluded, unless they are proven corrupt or expire for human consumption on the date of purchase, or goods manufactured according to specifications specified by the consumer, books, newspapers and magazines.

Article (26)

The supplier shall return the commodity with a refund, replacement, or repair of the commodity at no charge in the event that a defect is discovered in it or that it does not conform to the prescribed standard specifications or the purpose for which it was contracted for, during the specified period according to the terms of the guarantee declared by the merchant or the period for which the custom was established.


The provisions of this text do not apply to rapidly perishable consumer goods, goods manufactured according to consumer-specified specifications, books, newspapers, magazines, information programs and the like